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Tetley Green Tea - Honey 72 Bags / 108G

When it comes to pure, refreshing real tea taste, no other tea compares with Tetley. Tetley Green Tea is distinctively relaxing, yet powerfully restorative. to make this smooth tasting tea, Tetley only selects the finest green tea of exceptional quality and then blends them with sweetest of honey. The result, a gentle, calming tea that is subtly sweet and refreshing. Tetley tea is the number one selling brand of tea. There's no better tea than Tetley. Tetley assures a perfect cup of tea every time. Enjoy a superior cup of tea from Tetley. Tetley's tea is a premium English blend enjoyed by generations of tea lovers around the world. Made with premium choice teas selected and blended to perfection for over 160 years. This is a richer blend of Tetley's finest teas for amore aromatic and satisfying brew.

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