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Beginners Guide For Indian Fry Food - Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant


Generally, cooking beginners start their journey with the easiest process of frying techniques which wouldn't need much time for the preparation. Indian fry foods are extremely tasty, delicious and flavourful. A brief note on the kind of vegetables to opt-in as a beginner for fry foods can be read through this blog today.

Indian food is popular among the world for its vast variety of flavours and dishes. They are made with fresh vegetables and mouth-watering spices which are healthy to consume on a daily basis. Beginners in cooking often start with the simple and tasty “fry” which can almost be cooked with every vegetable available. 


One best and easiest fry with the handy vegetables available in your kitchen that can be prepared with delicious taste is Aloo Gobi. Also one of the most loved North Indian side dish. Aloo Gobi fry is roasted by tossing the potato and cauliflower pieces in oil in a deep bottomed pan or an air fryer that uses very less oil.

Beginners Guide For Indian Fry Food | Aloo Gobi | Online Grocery Delivery Near Me



Paneer Tikka tandoori marinated paneer with crispy vegetables along is again one of the most popular Indian appetizer with a delicious taste. Paneer and crispy vegetables marinated and then fried on the burner directly makes it tandoori roasted.

Beginners Guide For Indian Fry Food | Paneer Tikka | South Asian Groceries Online


One of the finger-licking vegetarian roasted and fried starter dish is tandoori aloo tikka made with the tasty baby potatoes and a combination of preferred veggies like tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. The baby potatoes are marinated with curd and ready mix spices cooked in oil dipped and deep fried.

Beginners Guide For Indian Fry Food | Tandoori Aloo Tikka | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant Near Me


The best healthy summer treat is the spicy corn just grilled and fried on the coal fire to get that taste and flavour of the corn right. After tossing the corn on the coal fire, just add up a little bit of salt, red chilli powder along with some green lemon chutney or lemon to make it taste delicious and refreshing.

Beginners Guide For Indian Fry Food | Spicy Corn | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant


The most popular, easiest and most loved even by kids and adults are the crispy aloo/potat/french fries. Its even tastier with the masala spices added on top with tomato ketchup on side is just heaven.

Beginners Guide For Indian Fry Food | Crispy French Fries | Crispy Aloo Fries | Canadian Grocery Store