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Snacks are small bites to fill the hunger cravings before and after meals. A few snacks easily available on CARTLY include potato chips, tortilla chips, corn chips, ready-to-eat popcorn, extrudedsnacks, pretzels,snack nuts, meatsnacks, party mix, multigrain chips, granola products, biscuits, wafers, masala products, and variety packs. Nowadays a variety of soy protein healthysnacks makes the snack time complete during evenings. Usually, some of theSnacks add delicious flavour and beautiful texture to the dishes while cooking. 


You can satisfy your stomach with a banana itself or having abanana dipped in any sort of flavoured butter such as almond butter orhoney can be considered a very good evening snack.

Evening Snacks On Cartly | Banana | Online Grocery Store Near Me 

The banana butter dipped helps in increasing your body’s melatonin levels which in turn supports a better, peaceful, good night’s sleep. This snack hardly takes 165 calories so you can happily include them on your evening snacks list.


A vitamin C rich satisfying evening snack that is very light and tasty isKIWI having only 93 calories for a pack of two. Kiwis promote relaxation, helps in a fit comfortable appetite and are also a natural source of serotonin. 

Kiwi | Evening Snacks | Indian Restaurant


A perfect crave filling evening snack that contains the richest natural source of proteins is eggs. Eggs are rich in vitamin B known as biotin which has large health benefits. A simple boiled egg/eggs with a little salt, chilli powder and lemon tastes great as an evening snack and fills up your craving for other junk snacks. You can also have a half-boiled scrambled egg with a bit of onion, chilli, tomato and salt pan-fried.

Eggs | Evening Snacks | Indian Grocery Store


Pistachios are exotic in taste as the low sodium salt gives a fine balance with the best flavour. Pistachios are crunchy and can be a perfect addition to evening snacks after meals and also can be taken along with meals, desserts.

Pistachios | Evening Snacks | Indian Grocery Store Near Me

Pistachios are rich in antioxidants, proteins and are a great source of fibre, nutrients, healthy fats. Salted Pista is roasted in the oven and coated with a bit of salt just to improve the taste and flavour. Salt coated Pistachios and raw ones are usually eaten as snacks.


Ready-to-eat frozen samosa or mini samosa like namkeen is a crispy pastry stuffed with potatoes, veggies, onions and cheese. These evening snack samosa can be either fried or baked. These samosas are mouthwatering and are usually served with tomato ketchup, tamarind chutney and green chutney. The crispy, golden flaky outer crust/shell goes well with the inner stuffed flavours perfectly and makes it more delicious where no one stops them from having only one.

Samosa | Evening Snacks | Samosas - Indian Restaurant Near Me 



Namkeen is a term used forsalty snacks usually consumed in the South Asian community. It covers a wide range of ready-to-eat snacks that include legumes such as cashews, peanuts, green peas, chickpeas, lentils, moong dal and also dough-based products such asbhujia sev,navaratan mixture.

 Namkeen | Evening Snacks | Order South Asian Groceries Online



Crackers, wafers, biscuits, cookies are either salty or sweet with a crunchy feel that is delicious that can either be gulped alone or with a single cup of tea/coffee or any other hot drink as evening snacks. For example,Krackjack crackers from Parle are crispy perfect in taste with both the sweetness and salty flavour relishing each bite. As you eat on, the crispy sweet-salty flavour makes us want even more thus not stopping us with two crackers. 

 Crackers | Evening Snacks | Online Grocery Delivery