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As we grow older, many of us crave and want to have strong, healthy long hair. There are several factors on which your hair growth depends. Mainly the factors like health, diet, genetics and age. It is said that in a year, your hair can have a growth of 15 cm / 6 inches in a year and 1.25 cm / 0.5 inches in a month. So accordingly the only factor in our hands to promote healthy hair growth is “DIET” / “GOOD FOOD” apart from the factors like age and genetics. Great care has to be taken while consuming a diet because lack of the right nutrients during following a diet can lead to hair loss. 

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Always keep in mind that having a balanced diet with more good food filled with nutrients and vitamins helps in promoting healthy grown hair. Let’s have a look into the good food that is popularly known to help in promoting long, shiny and strong hair which is almost everyone’s dream.

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Salmon, the fatty fish are a healthy pack of mega-3 fatty acids which are directly linked to improving hair density and growth. Other fatty fish like mackerel and herring can also be counted in for the same. Salmon mainly promotes hair shine.Since your body can't make the healthy fats on its own, you need to take them from out in the form of food supplements. Salmon keeps the hair strands shiny and strong as it is a rich source of proteins and omega-3 acids.

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Your body needs good food like iron bases and the richest natural source of proteins which are mainly covered / source from eggs when you consume them on a regular basis. Eggs focus on your hairgrowthwhich is rich in vitamin B known as biotin which helps the hair to grow. This is why most people also include raw egg yolk in the hair masks they apply as a part of their hair care routine. 

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Also, eggs contain essential nutrients like choline, vitamin A, D and B12 which focus on contributing to hair growth in the longer run. To get the most of the vitamin D, you have to keep the yolk of the egg in your scramble. Keep in mind that if any of the above nutrients are in deficiency in your body, then there is a large chance that they are linked directly to your hair loss.


Amazing leafy vegetable spinach, like so many other dark leafy vegetables, is packed with iron, magnesium as essential minerals, vitamins A, vitamin C, beta carotene and folate that helps in promoting hair growth. Spinach mainly focuses onbattling brittle hair by which having a deficiency of its nutrients can result in hair loss. All these nutrients in spinach add up together for a healthy scalp by keeping your hair soft, moisturised, nourished so that the strands are stronger and don't break. 

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Vitamin C nutrients in spinach and other dark leafy vegetables protect the hair follicles and also maintain the hair follicle cell membranes. When your body runs low on nutrients, iron or oxygen and these minerals are not getting transported to the roots of the hair follicles as required / sufficient, this inhibits the hair growth and also make the hair strands weak.


Seeds (flaxseeds as mid-meal healthy snacks) and nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts) are a full package of nutrients like vitamin E, B, zinc and fatty acids like omega-3 which promote hair growth and other health benefits. Omega-3 fatty acids support hair thickening and provide nourishment. 

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Peanuts are super filling and majorly high in the source of biotin that energizes and revive both hair growth and prevents hair loss. Peanuts served as ¼ cup contains up to 4 gm of fibre and 9 gm of protein along with a significant amount of antioxidants.

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Whole grains are rich and sufficient inbiotin in addition to iron, vitamin B and zinc. By now we already know that biotin on top helps in cell proliferation and produce amino acids as proteins that are essential and important for hair growth.

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Instead of the white refined carbohydrates, if you intake 100% whole grains in your diet, it helps your body cope and collects a sufficient amount of zinc, fibre, vitamin B, iron for healthy hair growth. For instance, Buckwheat can be consumed as a whole grain which is also very nutritious, antioxidant-rich, fibrous with endless benefits.