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According to the Hindu’s trust and belief, Lord Shiva is known to be the father of the whole universe. Lord Shiva is known for his divinity amongst all other Gods. The name “Maha Dev” comes from the same belief where it means the “greatest God”. There is a strong belief that when Lord Shiva is worshipped, it brings calmness to mind, health, prosperity and wealth.


Lord Shiva is Popularly known by the names such as Shakara, Maha Deva, Maha Dev, Maheshwara, Shiva Maheshwara, Kailashavasi, Vishweshwara, Shambhu, Shiva Shambo and many more.


People strongly believe that Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the devotee's worship, visit temples, fast by praying, offering fruits, flowers, milk for the Shivalinga to please God.


Devotees of Lord Shiva believe that the month of Shravan which comes in July and August, after the burning heat of the months of May and June is a sign of an auspicious month dedicated to Lord Shiva. A lot of them fast for Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvathi Devi (Durga Mata). Mainly unmarried women do this fasting with the belief that they will find their dream husband.

 It is also strongly admitted that worshipping Lord Shiva and fasting during this particular day (Monday) of Shravan month also known as Someshwar Vrat brings healthiness, domestic happiness, relief from diseases and health issues, prosperity and wealth in life. On this day devotees consider it good and auspicious to offer fruits and money at any Jyothirlinga.

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Lord Shiva is also called as God of Moon or God of Soma. According to the Puranas, Chandra Dev (Moon) has pleaded with Lord Shiva on this particular day (Monday) and got rescued from TB (Tuberculosis) by worshipping him. Since then only, Monday was taken into account and considered the day for worshipping Lord Shiva. It also means Soma is simple and easy. So Lord Shiva is also known as a very special and peaceful God.

We are also aware that Parvathi Mata did very hard penance to accept Lord Shiva as her husband by fasting on 16 Mondays for getting him. Lord Shiva pleased by this act of Durga Mata, offered her a boon in which Parvathi Devi asked Shiva to be her husband and Lord Shiva could not refuse it. Since then, people and devotees consider Monday as the aptest day for fasting.


Fasting is scientifically related to keeping our body healthy so as to adapt to the weather change of the season. Fasting not only helps in detoxification and improves the immune system but also keeps the digestive system at ease. So when we fast, the diet usually includes milk, water, fresh juices, sabhudana kheer, fresh fruits, lassi and buttermilk. People also avoid salt consumption on these fasting days of every week for that one Shravana month.

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