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Fun With Family On Family Day | Online Grocery Store Canada

Gathering your whole family and spending some quality time together as a whole on this family day would really make your day special. The family day can be celebrated with more happiness by cooking delicious dishes together which in turn makes the day more special and beautiful. As for the kids being busy with their school and studies, and adults being busy with their weekday hectic work, there is not enough time for a family to spend together a healthy time. This makes it more important to have a special day only for members of the whole family to be together having fun cooking and enjoying their happy times together.

This very family day, to make it more fun and skilful, help your kids learn by giving them a chance to be a part of your kitchen. Ask your kids for a bit of help in making dough or adding some sugar or salt in the dishes, cut up the veggies, add vegetables in the soup etc. You can also take your kids help by asking them to taste out the flavours for the desert you are making on this special day. Doing this way not only makes your family happy but also creates a lot of beautiful memories together. Cooking together with your kids and elders will always be so fun.

For instance, when the elders lit up the stove, allow your kids to grate the cheese, carrot, arrange a few bowls for having the dessert, garnish the dish with toppings such as veggies etc. The most fun part of the recipe while cooking together is definitely the taste adjustment. While the elders cook the whole food, let your kids do the taste testing part which would make them more involved. Giving your children the freedom to arrange, garnish and customise the dishes themselves, helps them be more creative and learn new cooking skills.