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As a country of innumerable cultures, faiths and ethnicities, India celebrates count list festivals throughout the year. Holi is one of the most largely known festivals of this country. It is often known as the celebration of colours but as we dig a little deep, this colourful festival has a plethora of meanings and holds a historic, cultural and traditional significance. If you have ever played Holi, you must be aware of the fun and frolic that people enjoy on this day. Beautiful colours are thrown in the air with full zest and excitement. The air around looks like a colourful landscape. People come out of their houses to colour and greet each other. Children can often be seen throwing water balloons at their friends and enjoying this festival to the fullest. A variety of sweet dishes are prepared in each and every household.

This festival marks the beginning of spring every year and adds happiness to the lives of people. It is celebrated by people who are followers of Hinduism but the festivities are enjoyed all over the country irrespective of religious beliefs. As each and every festival holds a historic belief, in a similar way holi also has a story to it. It is believed that Hirankashyap was a demon king who wanted to be immortal. He desired to be the ultimate God and wanted people to worship him. But to his dismay, his own son Prahalada worshipped Vishnu instead of him. This thing offended the king. One day the Demon king asked his sister Holika to sit on the fire with his son in her lap. Holika had a magic cloth that could not catch the fire. So she wrapped the clothes around her and sat in the raging fire with Prahalada in her lap. The little devotee of Lord Vishnu kept chanting his name throughout. As the fire burned, Holika perished while Prahalada survived. On seeing Prahlada’s devotion, God Vishnu got impressed and appeared on the earth. He killed the demon king. So this festival marks the victory of good over evil. 

Holi, to some people, is also the festival of love that is shared by Radha and Krishna. It is said to be a form of love that needs no name, form or shape. Mathura’s Lath Maar Holi is believed to be the most happening celebration of Holi all across the country. 

This festival has found a place not only in our real life but also in the entertainment sector. Various songs, movies and shows depict Holi with its different forms and references. It is said that on this occasion, people erase the memories of hurt and anguish between each other and replace them with brotherhood, kindness and enjoyment. A number of songs are also filmed at this festival. People forget the barriers of age, colour, caste and creed.

Nowadays, the spirit of this festival has lost its charm. This is majorly due to the use of intoxication and potentially harmful colours. Also, some antisocial elements of the society do create some irresponsible incidents during this festival. It is, therefore, necessary to keep the excitement of this festival alive but also to preserve the significance of the festival. We should be aware that this festival signifies love, happiness and the victory of good over evil.

Let’s hope that every person enjoys this festival to the fullest and keep the spirit of this festival alive. Here’s wishing a very happy Holi to everyone who is celebrating it all around the world.