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Summer Street Foods | Indian Restaurant Near Me

Indian street food especially in the hot summer weather makes us drool over the tasty dishes with finger-licking delicious recipes. In order to taste great foods, one must definitely try the following mouth-watering summer street food suggestions. 

Indian dishes often include ingredients that regularly keep the body cool during summers to withstand the hotness. The ingredients like mint, yoghurt, tamarind, garlic and onions have a cooling effect and aid in better digestion. 


Pani Puri | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant

One of the most popular and mouth-watering street snacks in the hot summer is surely the Pani Puri or Gol Gappa. They are delicious fried crispy round-shaped shells with mostly chole or potato mixed fillings. They are served with flavoured water (minty water or sweet water), tamarind chutney, onions, masala spices, boiled potatoes, boiled chole (chickpeas) and sometimes yoghurt too. For the hot summer weather, this would be the perfect refreshing dish that's delicious and tasty. 


Kulfi | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant Near Me

Kulfi basically an ice cream is amazingly delicious when made from scratch, especially the North Indian version. It is a frozen dairy-based dessert or ice cream which is denser and creamier. The most popular flavours of kulfi are malai, pistachio, rose, cardamom, dry fruit, mango and saffron. 


Bhel Puri | South Asian Groceries Online

One of the most famous and popular Indian street food starters is definitely Bhel Puri, a mixture of sweet and spicy flavours with crispy, crunchy fried sev and puffed rice along with the veggies like tomatoes and cucumber. The ingredients go with the puffed rice, gram flour, peanuts, onions, fried sev, pomegranate, coriander leaves, tomatoes and tamarind chutney. Sev is a snack made from chickpeas/gram flour. In some bhel puri recipes, people even add up tomatoes and boiled potato pieces as the base. You can also add up mint chutney along with the tamarind chutney as per your taste. Either way, the dish tastes delicious.


Samosa | Online Grocery Delivery Near Me

Surely samosa is the most loved street snack of the summer which are golden-brown triangles fried deep made with wheat flour and onions, boiled potato, and other veggie fillings. The fillings include boiled mashed potatoes, chickpeas, green peas, spices, onions and sometimes boiled carrot, and beetroot pieces too. Served with tasty mint or tamarind chutney or with tomato ketchup sometimes.


Mishti Doi | Canadian Grocery Online Delivery Near Me

Also popularly known as fermented milk curd (caramelised) mishti doi is so delicious that one cannot stop having a cup of this mouth-watering summer dessert. Mishti doi is cooked in earthen pots and is like a yogurt - like summer snack to have a cooling effect on the body. Mishti doi is made by boiling milk which thickens and sugar or jaggery is added as a sweetener. This milk is left to ferment overnight. That's when mishti doi attains both sweet and sour taste together which is so finger-licking.