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Usually you travel to explore new places and mainly when you need a break from your regular corporate life to refresh yourself. Whether it be a trip with friends or family or alone or a business purpose, you must be prepared yourself with a peaceful journey without any hinders. While we always take care of the packing with clothes and other related stuff it is also very important to focus on the snacks that we need to carry with us while travelling. 

One shouldn't miss to the fact that it is highly impetus to stick to healthy snacks that are suitable to eat while you have a hectic travelling schedule. Yes of course there are plenty of junk foods that pull us towards them specially while travelling. To help us stay healthy and without any digestion problems during the travel hours, we need to surely have a pack of healthy snacks to carry with us.



Nuts & Seeds usually have high amount of protein which are healthy even when roasted. The best healthy snacks you can have handy are the mix seeds and roasted nuts like walnuts, groundnuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios which also are a great source of energy in a packed air tight jar. You can eat them dry raw or pair them with flavoured milk or normal plain milk. It is best when you take it in dry raw form while travelling since it will be convenient.

Nuts & Seeds | Travel Snacks | South Asian Groceries Online


Seasonal fruits are always a healthy option to have a pleasant and full-filled road trip. Picking u some fresh seasonal fruits of your choice and carry them while travelling is as important as you pack the clothes. A quick reminder so as not to cut the fruits before travelling. Carry a small pocket sized knife with you and eat the fruits fresh while in the journey. Firstly wash the fruits, dry them and then have a hygiene pack of them. 

Seasonal Fruits | Travel Snacks | Online Grocery Store Near Me


Popcorn and movies are like clouds and rain. Its a must for everyone that who goes to watch a movie will surely have the popcorn as their interval snack at-least 90 percent of them. Pop corn counts into a healthy snack and the ease to carry it makes it one of the healthy easy carrying snacks while travelling. You can just grab a pack of kernels (popcorn kernels) and use them to pop up in oil on a medium heat. Add the flavour of your choice or simply a pinch of salt to get that tasty flavour! Popcorn is always light on stomach and it easily fills-up the temporary hunger without making you heavy while in the journey.

Pop Corn | Travel Snacks | Indian Restaurant Near Me


One of the best healthy airplane snacks are cookies. They are always found in a variety of flavours and variants. Its really very convenient and a ready-to-eat snack to have a time pass or to fill the urge for hunger instantly. Grabbing a few of the cookies available from your nearby bakery or confectioneries would not only help you save your time but also they are way healthy, light weight and easy to carry.

Cookies | Travel Snacks |  Indian Grocery Store Near Me


Another delicious and tasty healthy option while to have a comfortable journey is to opt the nutritional bars. They are way healthier and highly protein filled which makes them produce energy instantly. Even these nutritional bars are a popular choice among the kids these days. Granola bars, nutty bars, protein bars, dry fruit bars and other different variants can be easily purchased both offline or online. These bars are easy to eat and as well carry.

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