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Winter Indian Snacks 1 | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant Near Me

It's a well-known fact that winter is not complete without indulging ourselves in making and gulping snacks to keep us warm. A small cup of hot tea along with a plateful of snacks during the winter evenings make our bodies warm and we can feel the pleasure of enjoying hot food in cold winter. 

The most satisfying snacks are the ones which end your cravings and won't let you stay hungry, at the same time keeping your body warm during the winter days. Trying to fill your body with healthy homemade warm winter snacks helps you feel lighter and at ease during the fall season. 


Winter Indian Snacks 1 | Gajar Ka Halwa | Online Grocery Delivery Near Me

Gajar Ka Halwa is one of the go-to winter sweets/desserts in the Northern region. Imagine having hot halwa topped with dry fruits such as almonds, and cashew nuts along with ghee and raisins on a cold winter day evening just makes the mouth water. 

Gajar ka halwa is popular during the winter season because of the huge availability of the best carrot production in that season. 


Winter Indian Snacks 1 | Sweet Potato Fries | South Asian Groceries Online

Baking the sweet potatoes into small pieces and having those in form of a crispy spicy snack on a cold winter evening is something worthy of the wait. A delicious trick is to use some olive oil spreading on the sweet potato fries and then topping the baked crispy fries with a pinch of sea salt would taste yummy. 


Winter Indian Snacks 1 | Grated Beetroot Fry | Assorted Premium Chocolate Basket | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant Near Me

A healthy but not regular meal inclusion except during the winter season is the grated beetroot fry. Beetroot fry in the grated form goes well with your rice meals and is a South Indian side dish packed with full fibre and nutrition. The addition of chillies, haldi and a little mustard seeds would make the dish tastier. An impeccable blend of sweetness and spices makes this fry a winter-go dish which also makes the body warm from the inside.


Winter Indian Snacks 1 | Crispy Healthy Spinach | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant

Spinach is one of the fresh produce during the fall-winter season and is healthy as always. Chopping and frying some spinach leaves makes a quick spicy and good healthy snack. The dish tastes crunchy and you can add chilli powder, and salt to make it more appetising. 


Winter Indian Snacks 1 | Methi Pakoda | Canadian Grocery Store

Fresh and the best methi produce generally happens in the winter season. So holding on to that opportunity of eating the crispy methi pakodas accompanied by a hot cup of masala chai tastes like heaven.