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CFIG(Canaian Federation of Independent Grocers)

CFIG (Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers)

Toronto’s Tech start ups changing the grocery game

With the e-commerce market in Canada estimated at $30 billion this year alone, it’s no surprise that tech start ups are looking at the grocery sector for opportunities.

Ethnic grocers serving Canada’s multicultural shoppers will also have options to get in on the action. Startups like Cartly, for example, provide a platform that gives South Asians the ability to get delivery from their local South Asian grocer – a service that is common in their home countries, said a report.

Experts say that the grocery industry benefits from these types of tech startups as they want to work grocery stores. Instabuggy’s platform for example, integrates both on the consumer’s end and the retailer’s end seamlessly.

Most agree that the opportunity lies within dense urban downtown areas where young professionals, millennials don’t have cars and spend a lot of time at work.