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South Asian Generation Next

South Asian Generation Next


                                             Delivering groceries at surprisingly                                                 low  costs

                                                   Cartly is an online grocery delivery service that is exclusively designed for ethnic/community based grocery buyers to save their time and effort!

Here’s the story of Cartly as told by its founder Praveen Korukonda:

Describe how the idea of Cartly was born?

The whole story of Cartly starts from our back home, India. My mom used to prepare the list of groceries needed weekly and sends the list to grocery store. The store guy packs the order and delivers it to home. We are used to such type of grocery shopping.

 When we came to Canada initially, we found that our weekly grocery needs were not met with single store. Mainly the food we use in our daily life are not available in supermarkets like Walmart or Costco. So we end up going to multiple stores. We did not had vehicle at that time. We had to carry heavy groceries from stores till home, especially the rice and atta bags which would be 20lb each. It was worse when it is winter.