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Shan Meat Tenderizer 40G

Shan Meat Tenderizer is a well-popular meat tenderizer that consists of salt, raw papaya powder, and various other ingredients. First, you need to tenderize the meat using this special spice mix to make a finger-licking meat recipe. Shan Meat Tenderizer helps you with the less tender cuts of meat, making it easier for you to prepare and enjoy different meals. A process to reduce the toughness of meat fibers in a cut of meat.

Meat tenderizer refers to a powdered naturally derived enzyme powder. The enzyme most commonly use is papain, which comes from papayas, or bromelain, which comes from pineapples (a tropical fruit in the bromeliad family). Meat is sprinkling with the powder, and the enzymes help to break down the meat fibers. The same result can be obtain by marinating meat in papaya or pineapple juice.

Use A Meat Meat Tenderizer Tool:

Sometimes the term meat tenderizer is using to describe a meat mallet, which is alternately use to pound and flatten meat to make it more tender. These are readily available in any kitchen shop or even at your grocery or hardware store. You also just use the side of a small plate or saucer, which works pretty well too.

How To Use Meat Tenderizer:

Dry tenderizer products are typically add to the meat just before cooking. The meat should be moistened first with a little water before the product is sprinkle on. You only need a little, about 1 teaspoon per pound of meat. The products contain salt so you should not add more when cooking. The meat is then pierce with a fork about every 1/2" to allow the product to penetrate the meat. If you're tenderizing a thick cut of meat, allow the meat to stand for at least 30 minutes before cooking it.


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