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Shan Shawerma Spice Mix 40G

Shan Shawerma Spice Mix helps you create the perfect blend of spices for Shawerma at home. Make a batch of this crazy good shawarma spice mix, and it will become your go-to blend for everything, from veggies to your favorite protein. The best thing about this Shan Shawerma Spice Mix is that it works beautifully with any protein and even vegetables.

Shawarma is a traditional Middle Eastern street food that has been gaining popularity all over the world over the years. It's a heavily spiced and marinated piece of beef, lamb, chicken, or turkey placed on a rotation rotisserie stick, that continuously cooks the meat as the outer layers are shaved off, and usually served in a fluffy, pillowy pita bread pocket. As with any street food, no silverware is required!

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