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Aachi Achar Ghost Masala 50G

Aachi Achar Ghost Masala is a dry powder mix of spices and herbs. It enables even a novice to cook a delicious dish of achar gosht. You may save time while retaining the full taste and aroma of fresh spices and herbs using the Aachi achar ghost masala. Additionally, achar gosht masala is also useful to cook achari qeema, a dish featuring South Asian pickle and minced meat. The freshly ground spice powder adds a unique flavor and aroma.

This dish combines the meat with tangy spices to give it the “achari” (pickled) flavor, So the name is Achar Gosht. It is traditionally cooked with mutton. Achar Gosht by Aachi Masala is the perfect blend of tangy spices which gives the most authentic taste.

Recipe of Achar ghost

  • Mix lime juice in two teaspoons of Achar Gosht mix to make a thick paste. Fill this paste in green chilies by making a slit in them, put them aside.
  • Now marinate the mutton for an hour with the remaining Achar Gosht Masala powder, one cup of oil, ginger garlic paste, and salt as desired.
  • For cooking - heat the oil and fry onions till golden brown. Add tomatoes and ginger garlic paste to it. Once the tomatoes are tender add yogurt to them.
  • Add meat and fry on low flame till oil separates and add water as required and cook the meat till it's tender and the gravy is semi-dry.
  • Add the filled green chilies and cook for further 5-10 minutes.

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