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Bansi Madras Appalam Waffers (Papad) 200G

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Bansi Madras Appalam is made with the best quality urad dal, rice flour, and salt. The taste of this appalam does justice to the age-old traditional recipe and is made using modern process giving it a unique flavor & crispiness. Papad also known as appalam or papadam in South India, is essentially a thin wafer-like product, usually circular in shape rolled from a dough made out of pulse, cereals, edible vegetable oil, alkaline, and mucilaginous additives. It is normally consumed in toasted or fried form. Papad is made of flour made from dals and so most of them are a good source of protein and fibre. Bansi Madras Appalam is free from gluten and thus can be had by people with gluten intolerance. It is very high in salt and sodium, hence not advisable for hypertensive people.