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Britannia Kool Vanilla Cream Treat Biscuit 100G

Britannia Kool Vanilla Cream Treat Biscuits are packed with delicious cream to make them a treat for kids. The smooth cream filled inside is so soft and lickable, which makes these delicious biscuits so irresistibly tasty. Vanilla flavored cream gives these biscuits a refreshing taste. Britannia Kool Vanilla Cream is a classic cookie loved by all - sweet and crispy chocolate biscuits with luscious white cream between. Great when dipped in cold milk. Enjoy a creamy treat that delights you with the Vanilla flavor. Have bites on the yummy, creamy Britannia Treat O Vanilla Cream biscuits. Open your mouth wide to fill your stomach with tasty bites. Made especially for kids of all ages, this is Britannia's much-loved range of cream goodies.