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Britannia Maska Chaska 62G

Britannia Maska Chaska is a mouth-watering, delightful biscuit dipped in butter and peppered with the choicest of herbs. Needless to say, this mouth-watering biscuit soon became an instant hit and a regular in most households. Britannia Maska Chaska is a different taste than 50-50 biscuits. Britannia 50-50 maska Chaska biscuit is flavored in the classic American Cream and Onion style. This explosion of flavors added to that pinch of sweetness makes the Britannia 50-50 maska Chaska biscuit mouth-wateringly yummy. The packaging was also good. The biscuits were crispy, slim, and yummy. The ingredients used in the biscuits are of great conmination.