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Britannia Suji Rusk 300G

Britannia Suji Rusk is crunchy and loaded with the goodness of wheat, the Britannia Toastea Suji Rusk offers a wholesome teatime experience. So, just grab a slice, dip it in your hot cup of tea, watch it soak just the right amount of the beverage, and have a crispy, crunchy tea moment. Experience the taste, texture, and crunch of the classic Britannia Premium Bake Rusk. With the right amount of sweetness, substance of wheat, and hint of elaichi, it perfectly complements your steaming cup of tea! It's so delightfully crunchy & incredibly juicy that you will ask for more. Make your tea time extra delightful when you enjoy Britannia Rusks with family & friends. Enjoy Suji Rusk with Indian chai! A great morning or afternoon snack.

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