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Ching's Chilli Vinegar 170Ml

Ching's Chilli Vinegar is a variety of malt vinegar infused with chopped or whole chilli peppers. It originates from and is most popular in and around the British capital city. So, it can be used in pickles, chutneys and sauces. It can be drizzled onto salads and pizzas to give them a bit of clout. Drizzle a few drops of this chilli vinegar sauce to make your dish mouth-watering. This sauce enhances the flavour by combining its vivid green jwala chilli with your food. The Ching's secret chilli vinegar sauce will give your favourite dish the delicious edge that it needs and tingle your taste buds. The chillies in Indian chillies in vinegar become quite palatable when soaked in vinegar, as the tartness balances the spiciness of the chopped chillies.