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Ching's Dark Soya Sauce 750g

Ching's Dark Soya Sauce offers a blend of tanginess and spiciness that tingles your taste buds. Exotic spices and chilies have been blended with this soy sauce to put that extra zing into dishes. A must-have ingredient for lovers of hot Chinese food. The taste of Ching's soy sauce is predominated by saltiness, followed by moderate umami, sweet taste, and finally slight bitterness, which is hard to perceive due to the masking effect of other tastes. The overall flavor of Ching's soy sauce is a result of the balance and interaction among different taste components. Soy Sauce is made with a traditional Chinese recipe. Soybeans, sugar, salt are fermented to perfection till the sauce is extracted. Used as a dipping sauce and a pour-over sauce.