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Ching'S Red Chilli Sauce 200G

The bright red chilli sauce from the house of Chings is packed with flavours and you can easily distinguish the fiery spirit of the sauce once you pour it over your noodles! The combination of salt, vinegar, chillies and sugar produce this red thick sauce which is a staple for Chinese cuisine. Ching'S Red Chilli Sauce is a good product that makes our starters tastier. It's made from spicy red chilies and it's an excellent sauce for chili lovers. It makes our starters tastier and adds some yummy taste to them. This sauce makes your snacks and dishes yummier with its ideal blend of red chilies, vinegar, and spices. The Ching'S Red Chilli Sauce adds some sweet and spicy flavor to your favorite snacks with its fiery blend of red chilies, vinegar, and spices.