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Deep Frozen Udupi Masala Idli 255G

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The famous Deep Udupi Masala Idli has its origin in Udupi cuisine which is well known for not using garlic and onion and are a type of Indian Spiced savory rice cake. These are soft and moist, spiced rice cakes. Deep Udupi Masala Idli is a South Indian snack, which is most popular all over India and Masala Idli is a healthy and tasty variation of Idli. Deep Udupi Masala Idli is made from rice, lentils and it can be served with chutneys and sambar. Popular South Indian dish. Ready-to-eat. Natural ingredients. No preservatives. Vegetarian product. Keep stored in a dry cool place. Avoid storing it directly under the sunlight. 

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