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Deep Ginger Garlic Paste 723G

Deep Ginger Garlic Paste is one of the most basic essentials of Indian cooking. Apart from imparting a good savor to the foods it also aids in digestion and tenderizes the meats. Ginger garlic paste enhances the taste of all the vegetables in the sabzis. Garlic and ginger are both famous for their health benefits. They add a great flavor to your everyday food, making it taste much better. You can add it to almost anything, and relish in the delicacy. 

Deep Ginger Garlic Paste have incredible medicinal properties and immense benefits. Combining them in a form of a paste (a staple of South Asian cuisine) thus, boosts not only flavor, but health benefits as well. Some chemical components of ginger and garlic were shown to slow the growth of tumors in stomach. Ginger garlic paste also have anti-inflammatory properties. It works as a blood thinner, making it effective at preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Ginger garlic paste also boosts the immune system, thereby helping your body fight diseases, and increasing its speed of recovery. Garlic and ginger have strong heart-protective properties and help decreases some risk factors of heart disease. Garlic and ginger paste may help reduce blood sugar levels and improve other markers of health in people with diabetes.

By adding a little ginger and garlic to your everyday food, you can keep the cold away. Ginger garlic paste is one of the essential ingredient in Indian cuisines because of which all of the non-vegetarian dishes and few vegetarian dishes in Hyderabadi cuisine uses Ginger garlic paste. Rice preparations like biryanis and curries like matar paneer, chana masala etc. also utilises ginger garlic paste as main ingredient.

Store Ginger garlic paste in a glass jar and store it in the refrigerator. Add little amount of salt and oil to ginger garlic paste to make it last longer.