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Deep Kesar Mango Pulp 850g

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Deep Kesar Mango Pulp is a very delicious and sweet golden pulp is derived from mangoes. The pulp is extracted from "Kesar" Mangoes, a sugary variety native to north India. Deep Kesar Mango Pulp has Real Mangoes Taste. Great by itself or warmed and poured on Ice cream. The pulp is extracted from "Kesar" mangoes, a sugary variety native to North India. It is great by itself, or warmed and poured on ice cream. It also makes a great ice cream shake when added to vanilla ice cream. It is often used in sweets and yogurt drinks. Kesar Mango is widely grown in India and has a unique sweet taste to it. Kesar, which literally means Saffron, is characterized by its golden color with green overtones. The fruit is slightly smaller compared to other locally available mango variety.

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