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Eno Fruit Salt Lemon Flavour 100G

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Get fast relief from the burning sensation of acidity with Eno Fruit Salt Lemon Flavour. It is the antacid that gives fast cooling relief from acidity. Its Fast Cooling Technology gives you a cooling sensation instantly so you know relief is on the way. Eno Antacid/Digestive provides fast relief from acidity & gets to work in 6 secs by neutralizing excess stomach acid upon contact. ENO powder gets to work faster than leading liquid and tablet antacids. Nothing is better for fast relief from acidity and heartburn than ENO. Eno Fruit Salt Lemon is a powerful antacid that relieves you from the pain and discomfort that you experience because of acidity. This instant solution to acidity comes in the form of a powder and is easy to prepare. It not only offers relief but is also delicious, owing to its lemon flavour.

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