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Jammu Rajma 4Lbs

Jammu Rajma is a small red kidney bean that is delicious and cooks fast. These beans are famous all over the Himalayas and its foothills for their aroma and subtle taste. Jammu Rajma beans are fully load with amino acids and proteins. It consists of carbohydrates, dietary fiber both soluble and insoluble, fatty acids, and minerals. Vitamins such as Vitamin B complex constituents, Vitamin K, and other traces of essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Just GC Rajma Jammu comes out best when soaking for about 4-5 hours before cooking.

Rajma is also a Red Kidney Beans and is full of nutrients and proteins. They are called kidney beans because they are shaped like kidneys. They usually have a dark red color and have high quantities of iron and fiber. Rajma is an extremely popular dish in Northern India.


Rajma Nutrition Facts:


These beans are a storehouse of protein and an ideal replacement for red meat. In fact, piping hot rajma chawal is a perfect balance of protein on par with dairy or meat protein without added calories and saturated fat. A cup of kidney bean provides 15grams of protein. The richness of nutrients in kidney beans, hence, provides a host of healing health benefits, including regulating blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, and boosting immunity. Rajma is an excellent legume that helps in stabilizing blood glucose levels as it is a good source of soluble fiber and low on the glycemic index. Kidney beans are slow-burning carbohydrates that can prevent a spike in blood glucose levels. Moreover, the soluble fibers in rajma lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and assist in managing diabetes.

Kidney beans should be soak in water for at least 5 hours and cook thoroughly to eliminate most of the toxin, thereby making them safe, harmless, and nutritious to consume.