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Gits Dahi Vada Mix 200G

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Gits Dahi Vada Mix is made of urad dal and added seasonings. Vada's are deep-fried & soaked in yogurt, topped with tamarind sauce, and garnished with popular Indian spices. Gently press each Vadai to drain off excess water & immerse in beaten yogurt for 10 minutes. Dahi vada is a type of chaat (snack) originating from the Indian subcontinent and popular throughout South Asia. It is prepared by soaking vadas (fried flour balls) in thick Dahi (yogurt). Gits Dahi vada is loaded with vitamins and minerals, besides being a very rich source of antioxidants. All these factors make Dahi vada not only one of the yummiest but also one of the healthiest foods.

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