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Golden Ajwain Punjabi Biscuits 2.5Lb

Golden Ajwain Punjabi Biscuits are Sweet and crispy whole wheat cookies with ajwain spice flavoring. Whole Wheat cookies flavored with ajwain are sweet and salty crispy cookies pair so well with a cup of masala chai. Cumin Cookies and Ajwain Cookies (or Ajwain Biscuits as they are popularly known) are two popular tea-time cookies in India. Ajwain Biscuits are the perfect snack for your evening tea or with your fresh coffee pot in the morning. Golden Ajwain Punjabi Biscuits are packed with flavor and nutrition, are easily made in an hour and last you a week—the perfect balance of health and snacking. do not alter the taste of the tea or influence your pallet. It has no egg, so a perfect option for vegetarians and vegans. Ajwain is the ideal aid for better digestion. This cookie contains minimal sugar.