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Humdard Sharbat Roohafza 750Ml

Hamdard Sharbat Roohafza is a natural drink containing pure ingredients that can do an excellent job of refreshing and rejuvenating you during hot summer. It is a cool blend of herbal ingredients. A refreshing concoction, Hamdard Roohafza Sharbat Syrup is a thirst quencher and a great additive for mocktails and desserts. Besides cooling, it is also nutritional and maintains as well as adjusts the body's water level. Dark pink in hue, rose-flavored, sweet, fragrant, and smooth in texture, Rooh Afza is a concentrate that is most commonly, as Shehzad had done, mixed into water to make a refreshing drink. People also have their own ways: Some drink it with black salt and mint; others like it swirled into a glass of milk.