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Karachi Cashew Biscuit 400G

Karachi Cashew Biscuit is much more like a cookie, designed in such a way to reach people's hearts. These Cashew Biscuits come from the very renowned and reliable Karachi Bakery, which has been making cookies, biscuits since 1953. Karachi Cashew Biscuit is fully made up of natural ingredients and makes an excellent cookie. It's a high-quality product, tasting sweet and delicious all at the same bite. It's free from preservatives, harmful regulators and, artificial flavors. Taste the very popular Hyderabadi Karachi biscuits with the fusion of cashews to give you a crunchier and a rich heavenly delectable taste which is sure to leave you wanting for more. The crunchy cookies are filled with the goodness of superior quality cashew nuts along with the special flavor of Hyderabadi Karachi biscuits to give an appetizing flavor.

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