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Karachi Osmania Biscuit 400g

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Karachi Osmania Biscuit is a simple but delicious biscuit with a slightly sweet and buttery flavor. The fine Osmania biscuits from Karachi Bakery are your perfect tea-time companion. The fluffy, thick biscuits with a mildly sweet flavor and a slightly lingering salty taste are great for your guests. And as you bite into the crispy delight, your mouth is filled with a sweet and buttery sensation. Thick, fluffy with mild sweetness, leaving behind a lingering salty taste after eating it. Karachi Bakery is a well-known place for its variety of delicious biscuits. Osmania Biscuit is a kind of Indian shortbread with its traditional recipe which includes all-purpose flour, butter, vegetable shortening, cornflour, milk, powdered sugar, condensed milk, and a little salt. Flavored with cardamom powder for better taste! All the ingredients are mixed well and let to chill.

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