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Lipton Yellow Label Tea 100 Bags / 200G

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Like the sun, the taste of Lipton Yellow Label Tea gives you a gentle lift, brightening your day. Full of the natural goodness of the finest hand-plucked tea leaves. Give your day a boost of brilliance with a rich taste and aroma, every sip is a burst of sunshine. It’s all thanks to the great taste of high-quality tea leaves we put in our blends. Your brighter day starts here. High-Quality Tea leaves Lipton is the World's No.1 Tea Brand. The blend delivers a satisfying flavor and a light, fresh taste with reduced bitterness and astringency. Lipton Yellow Label is a blend of several types of tea, sold both in tea bags and as loose tea, rolled into small balls like gunpowder green tea. Lipton tea provides you with flavonoid antioxidants. Antioxidants are thought to help keep your body healthy by preventing everyday wear and tear by free radicals.

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