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Maggi Hot&Sweet Sauce 340Ml

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The quintessentially Sauce by your favorite brand Maggi. Unique taste with the perfect blend of required spices. Made with a combination that makes it a perfect accompaniment can be enjoyed with every snack. Turns a boring meal into a yummy flavourful taste experience. Maggi Hot&Sweet has been a flagship in its category in India. It has a unique taste, from tomatoes & chilies, that blends perfectly with snacks to make them taste 'Different!' The Chili Tomato sauce adds a kick of Chilli to every dish to give you a delicious, more enhanced flavor. You can turn a boring snack into a lip-smacking one with the Maggi Hot&Sweet Sauce. The unique twist of tomatoes and chilies will make samosas, kachoris, and a lot more taste much more delicious.