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Maggi Masala Chilii Sauce 340Ml

Use Maggi Masala Chilli Sauce as a pleasantly hot and spicy dipping sauce of flavour and spice, free from artificials. Maggi Masala Chilli Sauce is a pleasantly spicy hot sauce full of delicious flavour. Each bottle of hot sauce is preparing with a balanced blend of Indian chillies and spices to bring the taste of India to any table. India's most loved Maggi masala taste now comes in a sauce! The same thick, creamy and tangy ketchup with a kick of spicy masala creates the exact spicy delicious taste you've been looking for. This masala sauce is perfect for all types of snacks or when you're looking for a quick-fix dish or a base for curry. Free from artificial colours and flavours or Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil. Our Authentic Indian Masala Chilli Sauce makes a wonderful dipping sauce, adding a hint of flavour and heat to any snack.