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MDH Chana Masala 100G

MDH Chana Masala is the best ingredient to cook peppery, flavorsome, and tasty chana masala. If you desire chana masala to be spicier add extra spices along with MDH chana masala. This is an easy recipe for the channa masala powder which is simple to make and tastes remarkable. Easy to prepare. MDH Chana Masala is the perfect masala to enjoy your bhature. It is a blend of numerous aromatic spices that gives your chole a delicious flavor and an appetizing aroma. Made from selected spices and dried ingredients carefully sourced from the best farms in the country. Prepared and packed in the hygienic facility. Uses authentic recipe for a traditional taste.

Chana Masala is a popular Indian dish of white chickpeas in a spicy and tangy gravy. In North India, chana masala is called as ‘chole masala’ or simply ‘chole’.  Both the words “Chana” and “Chole” refer to chickpeas. In the Hindi language, the word “Masala” means a mixture of spices. In chana masala – specifically the word ‘masala’ means a mixture of ground spices. Chana masala is a naturally vegan recipe with added health benefits of the chickpeas which are packed full of protein, minerals, and fiber.

Chana is not only good for weight loss but also helps in improving your health conditions. Here are a few health benefits of Chana: It helps in maintaining healthy and strong bones. Chana helps in controlling diabetes and blood sugar levels.

Recipe: Soak 200g Chick Peas overnight with extra water. Strain. In a large pan heat 50g of cooking oil. Fry 120g  chopped red onions till golden brown. Add two chopped tomatoes (120g) and stir. Add 20g Chana Masala, 1 tspn. salt, and Chick Peas. Stir for 5 minutes then add 800 ml fresh water. Mix ½ tspn. baking soda. Bring to boil & cover. Simmer for 40 min on low heat. Alternately pressure cook for 20 min. with 400 ml water & ½ tspn. baking soda. Read cooking instructions on Chick Pea's packet also.