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MDH Kashmiri Mirch Powder 100G

MDH Kashmiri Mirch Powder is a blend of medium hot quality red pepper mostly useful in tandoori dishes. The roasted Kashmiri chili have a very pleasant aroma. This can redden anything that is capable of absorbing color like oil and surface of the meat, etc. It gives flavor and color to curries, vegetables, sauces, soups, and stews. It is also popular in marinades, and while frying onions and tomatoes for preparing curries. The mirch powder imparts a rich red color when added to gravy making the dish eye-feasting.

Most Indian savory dishes are incomplete without a touch of chili powder. However, when you want the light zing and enticing red color but also moderate spiciness, then Kashmiri chili powder is the option. It can also be blend in equal portions with a spicier red chili powder if you want both color and hotness.

MDH Kashmiri Mirch Powder has a high content of Vitamin A and C which boost immunity. Chilies do not contain any cholesterol.  Capsaicin, a chemical in red chilies is believed to reduce the risk of stomach and skin cancer. Iron in red chili powder can increase the production of hemoglobin and increase blood flow. It reduces food cravings and increases metabolism, both beneficial for weight loss. Red chili provides some carbs and offers a small amount of protein and fiber. They also have minute amounts of copper, potassium, manganese, magnesium, and iron along with B vitamins.

Store at room temperature in an air-tight glass container. Avoid exposure to air and moisture. if color fades, it means the lot is getting old, So use up soon.