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MDH Sabji Masala 100G

MDH Sabji Masala is the perfect ingredient for any kind of dry or wet vegetable dish. This aromatic blend of spices gives the dish a delicately spicy and highly tasty flavor. Spice up your favorite vegetables with mdh sabji masala. It is a savory and aromatic blend of spices for making spiced vegetable dishes. A subtle blend of spice is specially combined to enhance the taste of vegetable dishes. MDH Sabji Masala is virtually the fast-food equivalent in the range of mdh blended spices. Because it gives vegetable dishes a mildly resonant flavor and the delicious color so characteristic of vegetarian fare. It’s a proper blend of various spices of farm-fresh quality which gives a rich and elegant flavor to any delicacy of your choice. It also provides a positive effect on the texture of a dish.


If you need to rustle up a quick vegetable curry, all you need is your favorite vegetable/s and MDH Sabji Masala, the 'one-stop' masala. That's right, you do not need any other spice to make your dishes tempting and powerful. Sabji Masala is just the right handy must-have for all those who simply don't have the time for cooking, but would like to prepare delicious, tasty vegetable dishes all the same.

It is masala is rich in nutrients. It is an Indian spice for tasty dishes.


1. In order to enhance the flavor of vegetables.

2.  Fight and develop immunity to disease.

3. Ease swelling and pain.

4. Boosts Digestion.

5. Fighting cancer and boosting bones.

6. Boosts digestion and fights bad breath.

7. Improves blood pressure.

8. Protect your nerve system and helps in weight loss.

Side effects and precautions:

1. There are no known side effects.

2. However, it is best to use this product under medical supervision.

3. Store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight.

4. Keep out of reach and sight of children.

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