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MTR Palak Paneer Ready To Eat 300G

MTR Palak Paneer Ready To Eat consists of tender chunks of cottage cheese in fresh green spinach gravy, ideal for serving or consuming with naan, roti, chappati, paratha, or rice. The instant and quick hunger reliever that comes in hygienically processed packets offer the best treat to vegetarians. Taste the combined benefits of convenience, health, and variety - only with MTR Foods' Ready-To-Eat range. MTR Palak paneer is served hot with a side such as roti, naan, paranthas, Makki di roti, or boiled rice. It can also be served with onions on the side for a more traditional approach. Due to this, the body can absorb only 5 percent of the calcium in spinach. On the other hand, paneer is also loaded with calcium.

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