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MTR Sambar Powder 200G

MTR Sambar Powder is a spice powder used to make sambar, a South Indian lentil soup. MTR Sambar Powder gives you one of the most flavorful and good sambar. A spice-scented oil is added to the cooked sambar for extra flavor and tempering. This fiery soup, sambhar, is a South Indian staple dish and is flavored to perfection with this spice mix. This robust curry is a mix of coriander, cumin, fenugreek, rice, chilies, and cinnamon. Lentils (toor dal) and tamarind paste are cooked with your choice of vegetables, which may include cut potatoes, crushed tomatoes, eggplant. This sambhar requires toor dal and turmeric. Sambar is an essential dish in a South Indian meal or Thali. Sambar is often served with idlis and dosas.