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Parle-G Biscuits 300G

Parle-G Biscuits are small, rectangular flat-baked sweet biscuits, manufactured and marketed by Parle Foods. It is filled with the goodness of milk and wheat and G apparently stands for Glucose and Genius since it is a source of strength for the body and mind. Parle-G Biscuits are made up of wheat flour, sugar, partially hydrogenated edible vegetable oils, invert syrup, leavening agents, salt, milk solids, emulsifiers, dough conditioners, added flavours, Glucose and Levulose. The flavours are delicately balanced such that the biscuit is well-liked by adults and kids. In India, Parle-G is a popular accompaniment for tea and coffee, and often people on the go rely on this combo for energy when their meal gets delayed.