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Priya Curry Leaf Powder 100G

Curry leaves or kadi patta are popular in India because of their fragrance and outstanding taste. The curry leaf tree was originally grown in India for its aromatic leaves. It slowly made way to many Asian kitchens because of its amazing and distinct flavor. Priya curry leaf powder is a spice powder also known as Karivepaaku Podi or Karepaaku Podi, made from curry leaves, lentils, and spices. Curry leaves powder is an accompaniment to many dishes. It is not only tasty but very healthy.

Priya Curry Leaf Powder is rich in Vitamin A, B, C, and B2. Curry leaves are also good sources of iron and calcium. Curry leaves powder is useful in treating an upset stomach. You can add curry leaf powder to buttermilk. Drink it on empty stomach for dealing with conditions like diarrhea, constipation, and dysentery. 1 teaspoon of the powder or the decoction of the dry bark consumed with water regularly reduces illness and vomiting. Consuming curry leaves powder may benefit heart health by reducing heart disease risk factors, such as high cholesterol.

curry leaves can aid in weight loss. Carbazole alkaloids work against weight gain and help in regulating cholesterol levels in the body and are full of antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Traditionally, curry leaves have a beneficial effect on eyesight. They prevent the early onset of cataracts. This is primarily because curry leaves are rich in Vitamin A. Including curry leaves in your diet can have useful effects on your memory. It can help in dealing with weakened memory disorders such as Alzheimer's.

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