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PTI Black Cardamom Powder 100G

PTI Black Cardamom grows in pods on an herbaceous plant belonging to the ginger family. The pods have tough, dried, wrinkly skin, are roughly one inch in length and house small, sticky, dark-colored seeds. PTI Black cardamom has a pungent aroma with a citrus and eucalyptus flavor. Black Cardamom has many names such as moti elaichi and Kala elaichi, they have a slightly smokier flavor to green cardamoms and are extensively use in Indian cooking like Biryani and Dal. This is the ground powder variety and we also offer whole black cardamom. 

Black Cardamom pods can be use in soups, chowders for a smoky flavor. It also goes well in rice puddings, cakes, ginger fig chutney, payasam, etc. Black cardamom is also use in preparing garam masala, which is commonly used to flavor Indian curries, snacks, and rice preparations too. Black cardamom and its powder are largely use in savory Indian dishes ranging from curries, stews, daals.

It is much stronger than green cardamom, with a bold and smoky flavor. It is using, to give depth to masalas and tandoori-style spice mixtures. Black cardamom powder is using in India in spicy and rustic dishes and in western Asia in savory dishes. This spice is also using to season pickles. Black cardamom pods should be available at Indian food markets, and very well-stocked grocery stores, while the ground version is often in the supermarket. Always try to buy black cardamom whole rather than in seed form as this spice begins to lose its potency and aroma.

Storage: As with most spices, black cardamom should be stored in a well-sealed container away from light and heat. The pods will remain fresh for about a year while the ground black cardamom will retain its flavor for only a few months.

Health Benefits:

In traditional Chinese medicine, cardamom is to treat digestive issues as well as the symptoms of a cold. Studies have shown cardamom to have anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it helps to prevent cancer. 

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