PTI Green Elaichi Seeds 50G

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PTI Green Elaichi is an aromatic spice with a very wide range of uses. The plant has underground stems with leafy roots, large white or pale green leaves, pale green fruits, and black seeds. The spice has a very warm aroma and pungent taste which it can retain for a very long time. Apart from using the entire pod as a flavoring, its black seeds are powdered and the outer covering is also using.

PTI Green Elaichi seeds are using as a seasoning in various foods and sweet dishes in Asian countries. Elaichi may help fight bacteria in the mouth. Elaichi seeds and fruit could help improve oral health.

Cardamom has a strong, unique taste, with its real fragrance. Green cardamom is one of the most expensive spices by weight but little is need to impart flavor. It is best to store in the pod, as exposed or ground seeds quickly lose their flavor. Grinding the pods and seeds together lowers both the quality and the price. For recipes requiring whole cardamom pods, a generally accepted equivalent is 10 pods equals 1+1⁄2 teaspoons of ground cardamom. It is a common ingredient in Indian cooking.

Cardamom may help lower blood pressure. Cardamom may protect against digestive issues and decrease the number and size of stomach ulcers in rats. It is often use to treat bad breath and is a component of some chewing gums. This is because cardamom might be able to kill common mouth bacteria and prevent cavities.

Usage:  The outer covering can lend a unique flavor to tea if adding along with tea leaves, and coffee as well. It is also one of the essential spices adding to the garam masala mix and curry powder. Betel leaf preparations contain green cardamom. Sweet dishes like kheer, flans, porridge, halwa also taste better with its distinctive flavor.

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