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Kala Channa (Desi Chick Peas) 2Lb

PTI Kala Channa as it is widely known in India, is perhaps one of the few ingredients that can serve as a staple in the main course. It is a healthy snack on a lazy weekend or just something to nibble on for killing your boredom hunger. Also known as Chole in Northern India, these globules that come in black and white colours. PTI Kala Channa is not only one of the primary ingredients in the Indian kitchen but also a backbone of Indian agriculture. And it produces 67% of the world’s total chickpeas.

PTI Kala Channa are in fact a pulse that grows on a plant with 20 to 50 cm in height. It is sporting small leaves that look like feathers on either side of the stem. The plant bears white flowers with beautiful pink, violet and blue veins with each seedpod enveloping two to three pods within.

Health Benefits:

Chickpeas being high on soluble fiber. So, it prevent bile acids from getting absorb into the body and reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol and total triglycerides. PTI Kala Chana is an amazing source of protein. If you are a vegetarian and worry to find your source of protein, black chickpeas come to your rescue. It has a whopping amount of 11 grams for every 100 grams of serving it aids in repairing tissues, manages biochemical reactions. So it provides connective framework of certain structures in skin, hair and nails and keeps bones, ligaments stronger. The rich amounts of fibre available in Kala Chana aids in digestion. It adds bulk, prevents constipation and eases stress on the intestines. Ayurveda suggests eating a fistful of soaked black chickpeas in the morning to avoid various digestive disorders.

Chickpeas are high in fibre resulting in your stomach feeling a lot fuller than refined carbs. When you feel full, it will prevent you from eating the wrong foods. Imagine eating a candy and you just want to have more and more of it. That's because there is only sugar in it and no fibre. So pick foods with high fibre like white chickpeas.