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PTI Mace Whole 25G

PTI Mace Whole, also known as Javitri, javintri, and javantri. It is a yellowish-brown spice that is derived from the dried lacy coating of the nutmeg seed. Mace figures prominently in Asian, Caribbean, Indian, and Moroccan cuisines, and also in British, Dutch, and French cooking. Mace's flavor is sweet, woody, and warm, with a mild pungent kick, very much like nutmeg but softer and not quite as sweet. The taste of mace is a combination of cinnamon and pepper.

Mace is a component of numerous spice mixtures, including curry powder, garam masala. It is also useful in baked goods–particularly donuts, cakes, puddings, and custards–but also in pickling recipes. The spice is also a part of cheese dishes, sauces, soups, poultry, and fish recipes. Try splitting the mace aril in half and use a piece to perfume a pot of steaming basmati rice, season some hot chicken stock, or in a jar of homemade pickles, especially beets. The whole mace is a key ingredient in the Garam Masala spice mixture and several other non-veg spice mixes.

The spice, PTI  Mace Whole is rich in iron and copper which helps to improve heart metabolism and digestion. This spice does have good amounts of vitamins A and C, in addition to iron, carotenes, calcium, copper, and magnesium. Mace also helps to balance blood sugar levels and to cure cough and throat pain. Mace helps in digestion and also stimulates the appetite. It also helps clear digestive tract infections by fighting bacteria and viruses.

Due to its warm subtle flavor, similar to pepper and cinnamon, it can also be used in brewing tea or masala milk. Eugenol in it helps to relieve toothache and it is an important component in toothpaste.

Mace does have a longer shelf life than most other spices. Store properly in a tightly sealed jar or container in a cool, dark place.

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