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PTI Phoolwadi Lasan 200G

PTI Phoolwadi Lasan is a rich, tasty, and crispy garlic-shaped fryums that are a type of snack that is popular all over India. Fryums are basically cereal-based ready to fry pellets. Fryum is a ' ready to fry' Indian snack that is made using flour and corn/potato starch. They come in a variety of shapes and colour such as stars, alphabet, wheels, and flat squares. They instantly puff up when you deep-fry in oil, a sprinkle of chili powder surely perks up the taste. PTI Phoolwadi Lasan is safe for people with gluten allergies or celiac diseases, improves digestive and liver health, reduces cholesterol. A good option for diet-conscious people compared to other regular refined flour.

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