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PTI Red Chilli Powder Extra Hot 200G

PTI Red Chilli Powder is Extra Spicy as it is made from Hot & Spicy Chili. Spices are an essential part of every dish. Without spices, you can't get a taste in any food. So, Red Chilly powder plays an important role in adding a taste to every food. Made with standard quality Red chilies and edible oil, this chilly powder gives a spicy, yummy taste to your dishes. Make your Indian Cuisine spicy and delicious with the help of this Red Chilly Powder. It is Prepare with the world's finest red chilies.

PTI Red Chilli Powder Whole is a hot spice that adds color and flavor to recipes because of which Indian meals are not complete without adding this spice. Red Dry Chili powder is an excellent addition to pickles. Chili chicken is incomplete without mixing whole red chili. One can also add Whole Red Chili while frying onions and tomatoes for preparing curries. 

If you love Indian cuisine, then you must’ve seen whole red chilies supplement recipes. Whole red chili dried are useful in different sauces and gravy dishes because of their great spicy taste. Red chilies are also a part of many spice blends, seasoning, and sauces. Red chilli has several health benefits. 


PTI Red Chilli Whole is an excellent source of vitamin C, So can also cure cold and sinus symptoms. Chilies do not contain any cholesterol.  Capsaicin, a chemical in red chilies is believed to reduce the risk of stomach and skin cancer. Iron in red chilli powder can increase the production of haemoglobin and increase blood flow. It reduces food cravings and increases metabolism, both beneficial for weight loss. Red chili provides some carbs and offers a small amount of protein and fiber. 

Red Chili is not good for everyone. But the seeds of whole red chili can cause numerous cuts on the tip of the tongue.