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Puja Greh Ganga Jal 500Ml

Puja Grej Ganga Jal is collected from Gangotri, Uttrakhand. This holy water is made available in its purest and existing form. Gangotri Gangajal is kept untouched by human hands. Gangajal is not treated artificially/chemically in the whole procedure so that its sacredness is not spoiled. Puja Greh Ganga Jal is supposed to destroy sins and gives salvation and to people's wishes and desires. Scientific research has proved that the River Ganga starts from Gomukhand flows until it reaches the planes. During its entire journey, it crosses many types of vegetation. The water of the river has been called as 'water of immortality due to its extraordinary quality. Hindu believe that the Ganga water has healing power, it removes skin diseases and elongates life.

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