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Puja Greh Kala Til 50 G

Puja Greh Kala Til is one of the navadhanya which is offered during hindu rituals. Kala Til/ Black Sesame seed is specifically offered to Saturn/Sani which is one of the powerful graha among the navagrahas. This Black sesame seeds are charged by the kali mantra. Black til is mixed in either milk/water and then offered to Lord Shiva in the form of Abhishek. It is equivalent to doing Abhishek with 'punchamrat' (a combination of 5 things). This seed is very dear to the Pitars (deceased ancestors). Shastras say that it makes the person cross the Vaitarini-the sea of bad karma. One has to cross the Vaitarini to reach Vaikunta Loka. During the shraadh ceremony, the Kartha makes a special offering of black sesame seeds to pitars.